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Lots of updates! New maps for Ezard's Fields, Tayalardian Rangelands, Cold Comfort, the City of Iniquity, Troll Den, Glimwinkle's Windmill / Chessboard and D'Morian's Lands! I've remade the Shadowport map so it's actually readable and improved a few others by combining them into single images (City of Salburg, Desert of Despair, Haven of Everlasting Light, Moria, Tullfuhrzky Manor). A few updates to Forest of Tears, Green Forest (thanks Mumra!), the Halls of Knowledge, Lake of Tich'Pyga, Major Oak (thanks Obsidianna!), Otherland, Sea of Sorrows and SMR (sorry, I forgot who tipped me off about this one!) and tweaks to Ashen Forest, Barren Peaks, ETR, WTR, Graveyard, Keep of Mahn-Tor, and Northern Plains.

The first decent update in a while, particularly the addition of the Wolf's Den, Intrigues of the Miden'nir, Octopus Garden and a decent chunk of Winterlight Island. As ever when areas are added, there's some small updates to the linking areas (Northern Plains, Wastelands, SMR, FoT, SoS) and updates to the schematic and so on. I've also filled in a few missing entries in the zMUD directions list. The links page has been updated, but really that just means I deleted all the links to websites that have vanished.

A couple of updates have been made to the Moria map, adding the exit to Transylvania - which I'm pretty sure wasn't there before - and a helpful mob called Amorgan, who sells recall runes to lost lil barbarians.

I've added all the new areas to the geographic map of the Realms. This one is at least a bit useful, with a bit of imagination.

The schematic map of the Realms has been updated to include nations, order HQs and all of the new areas. I really like it, even though - and possibly because - I'm not sure it's actually of any use to anyone. Pretty, though. And I enjoy how the Blood and Azure Seas loom over it like the giant, smug bastards that they are. Also I've backdated yesterday's update because I, uh, got the date wrong. I've fixed it to maintain the pretence that it has some kind of significance.

I've updated the list of repop messages, it's much more comprehensive now.

Small updates to the map for Ocean Keep, to the Town of Solace to include the new housing estate, to the Forest of Tears to add in the Major Oak entrances, and to the Wastelands for the Shattered Temple of Nae'trelle entrance.

Update town, update town. New, complete maps: Town Hall, the Castle of Rol Na Feinne, the Isle of the Monkeys, and the Sunless Sea. New, not quite complete maps: Transylvania and the City of Salburg. Thanks to Garza for pointing out the missing link into Von Deusen's Mausoleum from Transylvania. I've also updated the Southern Mountain Range map to include the path to Gre'Vos (which used to be in Miden'nir but was moved because lowbies kept wandering into it - it's better where it is, I think). Also, I only noticed today while trying to actually use the site that a few of the links were broken or missing or not working for one reason or another. So, if you haven't seen these maps before, it's a good time to check them out: Mathlaan Lagoon, Sands of Terrachei, The Burrows, Nevermore, the Land of the Fire Newts and Dylan's Area. The Desert of Despair receives a minor update to show the Dai'chaal entrance and the Barren Peaks to show the Castle of Rol Na Feinne one.

Actual updates, for the first time in a while: Major Oak, New Hope Farm and White Pine Camp. Also there's some minor updates, mostly to surrounding areas: Northern Trade Route, Ashen Forest, Eastern Trade Route, Bartok Grove, Miden'nir, Sewer, Halls of Knowledge. I haven't been around for a while so if you know of any updates that need to be made, let me know and I'll fix it up.